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Outbound Calling Case Study

According to insidesales, 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. With this in mind, there’s a huge potential missing for businesses that don’t do outbound calling to their customers.

As SalesDesk 247 works  as professional live chat operators and outbound deal specialists, we help you to get to your bottom line – – the sales, through expertly executed outbound calling campaigns. Our experienced salespeople will help turn leads into buying customers and loyal brand fans.

Those customers on during a live chat session in your company’s website are already hot leads (unless they already bought something from you, then that is already a buying customer). It’s time to take the next action: give them a call and let them know the benefits waiting in store for them.

You absolutely need outbound calling

Why do outbound calling to your customers? Well, statistically speaking, only 1% of customers call back to businesses if you tell them to call you back; hence, you must be the one to break the ice. Secondly, don’t miss out the big opportunity in line. Businesses these days only call 27% of web-generated leads. That being said means there so much that could have been done. Additionally, 50% of buyers chose vendors who respond first.

Better business for you

You know, nothing beats one-on-one voice interaction when it comes to presenting solutions or answers to your customers. Outbound calling, when done correctly and expertly, can help you increase ROI- – the very reason why this technique is continuously use by many big companies through the years.

Straightforward marketing

No more of the fuzzy process. Outbound calling lets you easily qualify and disqualify leads. Selling a product or setting an appointment can be done throughout a call. When outbound calling is done by an expert, there is a big potential that a customer who’s likely to decline can be turn into a buying customer instead.

It also a direct approach to the sales cycle

Outbound calling makes it easier to sell to both new and existing customers and results are measurable. It allows you to build instant rapport with your customers and is a great way to be more interactive with them. Issues can be explained and answered clearer in real time; building better trust with your customers.

Give the best for your customers

Outbound campaigns help you understand your customers. One on one voice talk with leads makes it easy to profile your market; their needs and the solution that you can provide. Its makes follow-up and keeping up with customers easier. Overall, it builds better customer satisfaction

Easily pick the best outbound sales agent with SalesDesk 247

SalesDesk 247 has experienced outbound sales agents whose skills are proven to help many businesses increase their potentials. Our services are more cost effective and less time consuming since no more training is needed as you already have top level agents at your disposal.

Don’t let a single lead slip away from your reach ever again. Supercharge your marketing campaigns with expert help from SalesDesk 247.

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