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Why Hire Chat Operators

Live chat support remains an untapped strategy for lead generation and customer service to lots of businesses regardless of its many benefits. Statistics say 68% of consumers love chat engagement and 63% prefer to get back to a website with good live chat support. With this, having a live chat operator is obviously a vital part of the business.

Website visitors are potential future customers or current customers looking for solutions; hence, it is very important that real-time help is within reach. On a survey, 52% of online consumers leave their carts if they can’t find quick answers. You see, having chat agents on standby bring convenience for your site visitors. Rather than letting them click away, it’s about time you let expert live chat support agents handle the business for you.

Why Your Customers Need a Chat

When customers are on their phones or computers they multitask and they do pretty much of everything while they’re on the Internet. So if you want an instant way to catch their attention while they are browsing on your website, initiating a live chat would be a spell breaker.

About 40% of online customers say that chat is specifically important because of its instant accessibility without holding time unlike phone support which can be consuming and also costly for them. In average, it only takes 42 seconds for a chat operator to resolve a problem. This makes sense as in a survey, 60% of customers say that they hate waiting for longer than a minute to get help.

It’s all for the benefits of your customers

Often, chat support conveys an identical imagery as help desk or portal where customers can splurge their rants on. Truth of the matter is, live chat support can be a very effective lead generation tactic too specifically for businesses that do most of their customer-related engagement online.

When a potential customer gets into your website, he is likely to have a lot of questions and most of the time your site’s FAQ page cannot do the job. People want to hear real time answers from people who know everything about the product.

Live chatting works as effective lead generation strategy

A live chat support should be a go-to practice for every business who wants to increase their leads. For marketers, they know that a simple conversation can be turn into great lead acquisition. Live support helps you understand your customers’ pain point.

Software use on live chat is also able to capture the website visitor’s geographical information as well as the number of times they visit the site. It also allows you to track how long that site visitor stayed on your website. You’ll also get to see the referring link as to where that visitor came from. All of these are useful information for your company’s marketing campaigns.

With better customer engagement, instant access to support and monitoring capabilities, there is no doubt having chat support operators for your site is a must-have lead generation strategy.

Chat agents help your reputation online

Then there’s page rank visibility on search engines like Google and lesser bounce rate. Lesser bounce rate means that with better live chat support, these site visitors are likely to stay in your website than going to another site. According to page rank analysts, the more time visitors spend in a website, the higher visibility that website will have in search results; thus more exposure and potential visitors from search engines.

And, if you can provide better support, have questions answered correctly, then these website visitors would love to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Chat support for to increase your bottom line – sales

As chat operators can effectively help with customer engagement, better support and active solutions to customers’ problem, chat support is expected to help grow sales. Since the customer will have an instant access to live, real time support that can walk them through the process, it’s easy for them to make the buying decision.

As an expert chat agent understands the website visitor’s needs, it’d be easier to give real-time solution. Chat support builds trust and brand loyalty. About 80% of online shoppers want to contact a real person before they do the buying decision and surprisingly, more than half of them say that they kept away from buying because of the lack of interaction. In another poll, 62% of consumers said they are likely to purchase if a live support is available. These are obvious big numbers to miss in the game.


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